Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Month For Real Charity

Every day, people do heroic acts to help others. Firemen rescue people from burning buildings. Police rescue victims from their persecutors. Missionaries deliver food, clothing and education to the poor. Yet, one of the greatest areas of need remains ignored: The fate of the poor souls.

Purgatory is a fact. Catholics are REQUIRED to accept Purgatory as a dogma of their faith.

You never hear it preached? It's still there.

You don't like to think about it? It's still there.

How can a merciful and loving God permit such a thing?


Purgatory exists because of the mercy of God. God would not be a God of mercy if he were not also a God of justice. God is infinite in both virtues. Purgatory exists because we could not bear to be in the Presence of God with any kind of attachment to sin. God has sent his Son to forgive our sins and they are forgiven by baptism, penance and sacramental confession, but forgiveness does not severe our attachments to and the effects of our sins. If we visit our relatives for Thanksgiving and we fall in the mud, we are still invited to dinner--but would we want to come to the table dressed in our muddy clothes?

God has given us a way to attend His Heavenly banquet with unstained garments--and they have to be cleaned for our attendance.

It is cruel to neglect the souls in Purgatory. Jesus promised us that we will be shown mercy when we are merciful.

Would you leave your mother or father, brother, sister, son or daughter burning if you saw them on fire? Wouldn't you run for a bucket or hose to quench the flames?

Many of our deceased relatives and friends are burning. They are helpless, but we can help them. And by showing them mercy, we atone for our own sins and guarantee that when they are in heaven, they will intercede with God to show us the same mercy!

November is the month to quench the fire!

November is the month of the Holy Souls!

Pray. Offer your sufferings. Attend Mass. Tolerate annoyances. Pray the rosary. Pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy.

And do it for the Poor Souls. They are on fire.

Stop staring at the hose and turn it on.

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  1. Good job. Thanks for sharing this info. I read "Hungry Souls" and I've never been the same since. Praying for the dead is an important part of my daily prayers - moreso because of what I read in that book.