Monday, June 10, 2013

With Friends Like This...



Your Eminence:

    I am writing to express my concern about the "ordination" of Methodist clergy that took place on May 28th at the Co-Cathedral of The Sacred Heart in Houston with your permission.
    I won't bother quoting canon law, which apparently doesn't concern anyone in your chancery in the first place.  I would, however, like to pose a few rhetorical questions for your consideration and the consideration of anyone else who reads this letter:

1)  Is not God the same yesterday, today and forever?

2)  If God does not change, then would it not follow that His Church would reflect such consistency and would not change either?

3)  Did not Jesus Christ found only ONE Church?

4)  Is not that One Church founded by Jesus Christ completely subservient to the Truth?

5)  Since the Catholic Church does not recognize any Protestant sect as having valid orders in any sense of the word, is it not obvious that any Protestant "ordination" is an untruth--that is, a lie?

6)  Since the Catholic Church is devoted to protecting human life, including the lives of the unborn...


...since the United Methodist Church is unrepentant in its continual support of abortion on demand, can you not see that permitting this organization to use a Catholic Church, specifically, YOUR CATHEDRAL to perpetuate their sinful existence is an act of aiding and abetting the enemy?

It has become widely reported across the web that United Methodist "Bishop" Janice Huie is a personal friend of yours.  If that is true, we can understand your hesitancy to deny a courtesy to a friend.  However, you, as a Cardinal Archbishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, have bigger obligations than serving the friendships you make in the secular  and Protestant community.

With deepest regret and the utmost respect for you and your office, I humbly ask you to please re-consecrate the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.  A great sacrilege has taken place in your cathedral and you permitted it to happen.  It does not matter if no one in your archdiocese cares.  It does not matter if the Catholic press gives you a pass on this scandal.  As Pope Benedict has said, truth is not determined by majority opinion.  God knows what you have done and those Catholics who understand the rules of their Church are gravely concerned about conflicting message you have sent.

Please, Your Eminence, correct this wrong and do it quickly.  Re-consecrate your Cathedral and publicly renounce your role in this confusing scandal that has only wounded, not built up, the Body of Christ.

-Keyser Soze


  1. Well done. It was sacrilege. I only hope the Blessed Sacrament was not in the tabernacle. It's as if the Diocese is seeking ways to mock God. Lord have mercy.

  2. These "princes" are agents of the father of lies. Send us real men of faith oh Lord God Almighty.