Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Open Season

Since there are so few of them, the Vatican is making little effort to hide its contempt for Traditionally-minded bishops.  The latest target is Kansas City-St. Joseph's Robert Fiinn, who is under investigation by the Vatican.

While the secular media tries to paint Bishop Finn as someone who protected a child-molester, it doesn't take a genius to see what really irks the Vatican about this bishop:

•  He promotes Summorum Pontificum and regularly offers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass

•  He published a pastoral letter about the dangers of pornography

•  He has lifted new vocations to a 40-year high, packing his seminaries with 110 new seminarians

•  He has publicly warned Catholics that they cannot be Freemasons

•  He cleaned up the mess he inherited from his predecessor, "company man" Raymond Boland, by:

          •  Slashing funding for diocesan bureaucracies

          •  Revising the diocese's adult catechesis program

          •  Firing a lay chancellor and replacing him with a priest

          •  Ordering the editor of the diocesan paper to stop 
              publishing columns by dissident Richard McBrien

•  He took an oratory slated for demolition and transformed it into a thriving Latin Mass parish

•  He publicly prays rosary vigils in front of abortion clinics

Face it:  You would be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of American bishops willing to take such an uncompromising, fully Catholic stance as Bishop Finn.  And that's why, in the current regime, he has to go.  There is no room for solid Catholic bishops in the modern church.  The preferred bishop, sure to rise through the ranks to elector-cardinal, is the dissembling, effeminate administrator.

Take notice, all you traditionally minded bishops scattered in far-flung dioceses throughout the midwest and great plains:  The Vatican that appointed you is under new management and withdrawn its support.  Watch your step, as you could be next.


  1. I AGREE. The Vatican is falling short of not keeping the solid Catholic bishops, but instead they are replacing them with those who go along with the modern church. Also, the removing from the highest office in the Catholic Church and demotion of Cardinal Burke is disgusting.

  2. Excellent observations. The apostates have to make it appear that what they are doing is right, for anyone who is sleeping through this time of apostasy, which is the majority of Catholics.

  3. Bishop Finn is a real bishop. Thank God. Amen